Net-Connect, Ltd was Lafayette, Louisiana's first internet service provider. We were founded in 1992 and ceased operation in 2003. During the 11 years of our operation we gave over 1,000 Acadiana businesses and over 10,000 Residents their first glimpse of the Internet. We began as an offshoot of TerraByte Information Systems a Bulletin Board System with 32 phone lines which had over 3,000 subscribers in the local area. Our original Internet access was text only, Telnet, FTP, IRC Chat and E-Mail. The World Wide Web did not exist until shortly before Net-Connect opened its doors, January of 1992. We were proud to host an open house at Christmas of 1991 where we unveiled the first glimpses of the Web to the public. Although we are closed for business, I continue to maintain our website for my private use.


Tom Shelton

President of Net-Connect, LTD

Acadiana's Premier Internet Service